Four PM


Restore your day with 5 minutes peace in a cup.



This is what we call ‘Mum Tea’.  It’s like a walk in the park when you don’t have the energy for one, when four o’clock slump comes and with it the urge to reach for a chocolate boost or a coffee even though more caffeine is the last thing you need.

Escape the frazzle with this blend of oat flower, chamomile and ashwagandha balanced and sweetened with cinnamon and liquorice.

Brew, relax and restore your day.


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chamomile, oat flower, cinnamon, ashwaganda, ginger root, liquorice, rose petal.

*Contains liquorice which should be avoided by anyone suffering from hypertension and women who are pregnant.
**Ingredients may have been packed on premises that handle cereals, nuts (including peanuts), soya, sesame & products containing gluten