It started with a love for flavour, aroma and spice. 

Inspired by travel and culture – from the rich, artisan, market culture of Cork, to the seaside shores of the UK and beyond, we developed a keen interest in herbal tea blends when the breakfast tea didn’t taste the same elsewhere, and loose leaf blends quickly became a staple.

Loose leaf herbal tea offers comfort unrivalled by other warm beverages and favourful combinations of herbs, spices and flowers offer an experience of warmth and revitality.

2020 has been a year of limitation and restriction, but it has also been a year of invention and creativity. MXT Brew Co is a product of this period, but is based on an interest and ethos that’s been a long time brewing. 

Master Mixers,

Zoe & Linda



We see quality, environment and a personal touch as integral to our experience. We believe that tea is a very personal experience which is why we have curated ten unique blends with your tastes in mind.

We have hand blended ingredients chosen for their traditional function combined with their aromatic qualities. Each of our blends offers a unique combination of tastes that reflects these ideologies. 

Environment is at our core and is incorporated at every stage and in every decision.  Our pouches are certified biodegradable in home composting or brown bin and break down in 10 weeks and we offer refill and trial bags in traditional style paper bags that break down even faster.

We have deliberately eliminated plastic as a packaging choice that’s one less thing you have to worry about.


Why MXT?

We chosen the name “MXT” to reflect the importance of the blend, of the care that goes into selecting and combining every ingredient and the care that goes into every batch of our hand mixed teas.